Stylemaster Comfort Gel Pillow  / Bolster (3 options)


StyleMaster Comfortgel is immensely comfortable to lie down on, readily springing back to their fluffy position as soon as you lift your head up.

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StyleMaster Comfort Gel Collection

It is delightfully cloud-like and lightweight – emulating the lightness and air trapping abilities of natural down. Comfortgel keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for sleepers with allergies or sensitive skin.

StyleMaster Comfortgel Pillow – Essence

Filling: 100% Comfortgelâ

Weight: 1500g

Cover: Jacquard Cotton Fabric

Size: 48cm (W) x 74cm (L)/19” (W) x 29” (L)

Suitability: Back sleepers. The preferred choice of most of our customers, it gives your head and neck optimal support, so your whole body can total relax.

StyleMaster Comfortgel Pillow – Premium 

Filling: 100% Comfortgel

Weight: 1700g

Cover: Jacquard Cotton Fabric with Loft

Size: 48cm (W) x 74cm (L)/19” (W) x 29” (L)

Suitability: Side sleepers with broad shoulders. The high profile pillow bridges the distance between the ear and the mattress. It also enables you to lie straight – by aligning your head and neck with your spine.


StyleMaster Comfortgel Bolster

Filling: 100% Comfortgel

Weight: 1200g

Cover: Jacquard Cotton Fabric

Size: 9” (D) x 36” (L)/ 23cm (D) x 91cm (L)

Suitability: The bolster is versatile and ideal for both face up and side sleepers. Bolsters can be used by side sleepers – as they tend to twist their hips, which may cause some discomfort. Side sleepers can either hug or place the bolsters it between their knees. It allows the side sleepers to decrease the amount of hip twisting, and sleep in a more comfortable and neutral position.


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