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Nox is a smart sleep light. Nox and the Sleepace mobile app work in
conjunction, to ease you into bed and wake you up naturally.

Fall Asleep Easily with Soothing Light and Sound

Red wavelengths, raise the secretion of melatonin. Gentle soothing music is played to help you fall asleep easily. Sleepace App will tell Nox to turn off once you’ve fallen asleep.

Waking You Up at Your Lightest Sleep

Being awoken from light sleep leaves you feeling more refreshed. Sleepace App will let Nox know when you are at the lightest part of your sleep cycle and Nox will wake you up at the time you set with gentle music and and simulated sunrise-function.

1A Wholistic Approach to Sleep

Nox contains sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and pick up ambient light and noise in your bedroom. You can understand how your bedroom environment impacts your sleep and start making changes to create a better condition for better sleep.

The Individual Analysis Makes It Easy to Achieve Your Best Sleep

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